An Antioxidant-rich Caffeine to swear by!

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What’s in its name?

“Qahwah” later became “kahveh” in Turkish, and then “koffie” in Dutch, which is where we get the English word “Coffee”.

Tea Party to Skincare

The Boston Tea Party that popularized coffee in America gradually made its way to the skincare industry.

Reverses The Age-clock

Rich in antioxidants, Caffeic, and Ferulic acid, reduces the visible signs of early aging.

Reduce Puffy Eyes

Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels and removes water resulting in de-puffed eyes.

Cellulite reduction

Dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin improving blood flow, and decreasing cellulite appearance.

Prevents Acne And Pimples

With anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, coffee fights acne-causing bacteria.

Post-Sun care

Flavonoids in the coffee cater to sun-damaged skin with tan, redness, and irritation.

Naturally Exfoliating

Coffee makes an excellent scrub, smoothes the skin, and an even tone.