Be Peach-er Perfect:

Savor the goodness of the relatives of Rose and Almonds!

Did you know?

Peaches are known as Persian Apples as Persians were the 1st to introduce them to the Western World from China.

It’s Fruity Month!

August has been National Peach Month in the USA since 1982, and Georgia is called “The Peach State”.

Part of Anti-aging Skincare

Rich in antioxidants and vit. C, it protects, repairs, and regenerates the skin cells.

House of Vitamins

Peaches have skin-boosting vitamins like A and C to brighten up skin naturally!

Intense Hydration

Peaches strengthen the skin microbiome and help bind long-lasting hydration to the skin.

Fruit of Calmness

Brimming with antioxidants, it reduces anxiety and relieves the skin’s worries.

Analgesic Aroma

Peach extract aromas lift depression ensuring a glow and stress-free skin always!

Healthy & Fresh Skin

Peach flower extracts protect the skin and help to overcome skin allergies.

Peach me Up!

Make your skin plump & peachy with its richness in Skin Balancing Moisturizer!