“A Juicy Summer Fruit to Skin Rescue”

Did you know?

Watermelon, a relative of Pumpkins & Cucumbers, is the official vegetable of Oklahoma.

It’s hydrating

Watermelon is 92% water, making them a perfect refresher for the summers.

It’s moisturizing

Malic Acid in Watermelon acts as a humectant that draws in moisture in the skin.

It’s exfoliating

Antioxidants in the fruit gently buff away the skin cells resulting in a dewy fresh complexion.

It’s antiaging

Watermelon is rich in vitamin C and E, the antioxidants that fight skin aging.

It's Soothing

Lycopene and other antioxidants show strong anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin.

It’s a natural skin toner

Vitamins and Nutrients in Watermelon clean the clogged pores & boost cellular regeneration.

Goodness of watermelon in a jar

Zero effort and easy enough to do in your sleep!

When life gives you melons,

Use it for your skin!